【Inter BEE 2014】Photron unveils the "Atlas" muti-format media player made by U.S.-based Archimedia, capable of the synchronized playback of over 200 subtitle formats, and sporting DCP encryption functions

2015.1.15 UP

In the

In the "Atlas" demo corner visitors could witness a demonstration of DCP encryption

Photron demoed U.S. company Archimedia's "Atlas" PC reference player software, showcasing new HEVC and XAVC compatibility. The software is capable of the playback of a variety of file formats in UHD resolution, and quality control of audio and video using vector scope and wave-form monitors through analysis of a file's metadata.
Compatible with JPEG2000, DPX, IMF, XAVC, HEVC, and mobile transmission codecs, the software is capable of the synchronized playback of over 200 subtitle formats. It will faithfully render even XYZ or SMPTE RGB 4:4:4/ 12 bit in a manner compatible with your display. Jog and shuttle operation is also possible using an external controller. Moreover, audio capabilities include a 16 channel routing function.
 The latest 3.0 version now includes video resolution scalars, interlace playback, and DCP (digital cinema package) encryption/keying (KDM) functions. Previously it was possible to load video, audio, and subtitle data before turning it into DCP, but in the new version the issuing of KDM enables the playback of files in DSP format.
(Above photo=the input file's resolution can be changed to fit the HDMI or SDI monitor environment by upscaling or downscaling the resolution. Playback media file is a 4K trailer of "House of Cards" (Jpeg2000). Resolution can also be changed by manually entering values)
(*Report on exhibits at Inter BEE 2014 hosted at the Makuhari Messe, November 19-21, 2014)