【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Chief display ceiling-type nine-panel mounting brackets and a stand with casters that allows 136 kg, 85 inch LCD boards to be attached

2013.11.14 UP

Multi-display mount  Suspension-style LCM3X3U
Display stand  Caster type XPAU

Display stand Caster type XPAU

 In addition to the stand-type multi-mount brackets introduced at last year's Inter BEE, the Chief booth at the Image Center also exhibited the new 'LCM3X3U' ceiling-type mounting brackets. In addition to the nine-panel multi-mount brand, six-panel and four-panel brackets are also available. The 'XP AU' stand on casters, which allows LCD touch panel boards to be attached, can bear loads up to 136 kg to support large type 80 and 85 inch touch panel boards. Furthermore, using an electric screwdriver allows the stand to be raised and lowered without disrupting the display.