Inter Bee 2014: FOR-A: Exhibition of 4K enabled products under the banner, "FOR-A for a 4K Future" - World premier of new products such as a minimized FT-ONE and numerous other new products exhibited

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"FT-ONE-OPT" 4K high-speed "FT-ONE" camera equipped with optical fiber (NAB Show 2014)

FOR-A (President: Katsuaki Kiyohara, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) exhibited at Inter BEE 2014, held at Makuhari Messe over the course of three days from Wednesday, November 19th to Friday, November 21st, 2014 (Booth number: 4208). This year, they continued their main theme from last year, "Continuous Innovation", and its sub-theme is "FOR-A for a 4K Future". They presented a series of 4K-enabled products, such as video switchers, multi-viewers, character generators, and process products. In addition, they exhibited a variety of new products such as file-based products, archive products, baseband products, virtual systems, and special purpose cameras. (The photo above is the exhibition of the 4K live production work flow that was exhibited at NAB Show 2014)

■ Packed with "World Premier" products, such as the miniaturized FT-ONE model
 Among them, the "World Premier" products exhibited this time are the following five products: ① the new miniaturized FT-ONE model, ② the "MBP-200PA-DS" clip server, which supports 3G-SDI signals from double speed cameras and is capable of slow playback, ③ the "HBC-2000" ultra-high sensitivity camera with 2.07 megapixels and full HD/60 fps, ④ the new "USF Series" of various modules, including process products that implement the latest module and housing technology, and distributor, and ⑤ the new "MediaConcierge" that is an evolution of the MediaConcierge production support system.

■ Solutions for five major themes proposed, starting with 4K
 On the main stage this year, the main theme was "Continuous Innovation". FOR-A gave presentations on the features of five solutions it is focusing on, "① 4K, ② file-based, ③ processing (switchers, routers, multi-viewers, and various signal processing), ④ tickers, and ⑤ virtual". Also, under the sub-theme "FOR-A for a 4K Future" suited to the 4K era, they exhibited high speed cameras, video switchers, routing switchers, multi-viewers, various processors, tickers, archives, and other efforts by FOR-A for 4K in a system workflow format.

■ Content of each rich stage exhibition
 The main exhibition contents are as follows.

☆ Camera Stages
 An "FT-ONE" full 4K variable frame rate camera equipped with optical fiber. By combining with the FT-1BS base station, it can condense everything required for operation - video signal, power supply, control, genlock, income, and return - into a single optical fiber.
- "New FT-ONE" (New Product - World Premier)
 Inheriting the features of the "FT-ONE" high-speed camera that enables super slow filming at full 4K resolution, this new model pursues compactness and ease of use.
- "FT-1CDS" (New Product)
 A docking station for PC backups of FT-ONE RAW data recorded on SSD cartridges.
- "ZE-ONE"
 With intuitive touch panel operation, it enables setting a cut point of any size in the 4K video and exporting it as HD content. It is ideal for replaying sports relays.

☆ Video Switchers
- "HVS-XT2000 'HANABI'" (New Product - First Exhibition in Japan)
 The first exhibition in Japan of the 2M/E video switcher, which supports excellent scalable 4K. Equipped with various unique features to maximize switcher performance, it also supports 4K live production through multi-formatting.
- "HVS-XT100/HVS-XT110 'HANABI'"
 The HVS-XT100 model has a separate body and control panel, and the portable switcher has the new single-body model HVS-XT110. It also has the option to support 4K.

☆ Routing Switchers
- "MFR Series" (Lineup Addition)
 This routing switcher forms the core of the product system and can be used flexibly. It standardly supports 4K and 8K in addition to HD/SD. Various sizes are available, including the largest 256x256 model and the smaller 32x32, 32x16, and 16x16 models. A 64x64 model has also been newly added.
- "MFR-RU Series"
 A remote control unit in the MFR Series. The lineup has a variety of versions suited to different applications. A total of eight models were exhibited.

☆ Multi-viewers
- "MV-4200" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This multi-viewer supports mixed inputs, such as 4K/HD/SD/Analog/PC signal and is capable of up to 68 inputs and 8 monitor outputs. The front panel and remote software are included as standard equipment. It also supports 4K output.
- "MV-1620HSA"
 This multi-viewer is capable of 4K (QFHD) video input. It can monitor up to four systems of 4K video. It also supports multi-screen display through cascade connections of up to four connected units.
- "MV-42HSA"
 This down-converter for monitoring is for displaying 4K (QFHD) video on a regular HD monitor or PC monitor. It can also be used as a normal multi-viewer.

☆ Special-purpose Clip Server
- "MBP-200PA-DS" (New Product - World Premier)
 This click server supports double-speed camera output signals (3G-SDI 1080/119.88i). It also offers 50% slow playback and normal playback.

☆ Processors
- "URC-4000" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This ultra-high resolution up-converter can convert HD video into 4K in real time. It was newly developed with proprietary I/P conversion and resolution conversion technology.
- "FA-505" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This sister model to the FA-1010 has five lines of up, down, and cross converting in a single unit (five inputs, and five outputs - two distributions). It is equipped with FS functionality and color collectors across all channels.
- "FA-1010"
 This multi-function processor is equipped with 10 lines of FS, color collectors, 3G-Level A/B conversion and various audio conversion functionality.
- "FRC-9000" (New Product - First Exhibition in Japan)
 A frame rate converter that supports 4K (QFHD). For HD/SD, it can also simultaneously process two channels of video input.
- "FRC Export Plugin APP [FOR-A IBE]" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This FRC Plugin software supports Adobe Premier Pro CC/CS6, which enables MXF output, after extracting the video file from the timeline and converting frame rate.
- "USF Series" (New Product - World Premier)
 This series was newly developed and the housing and modules are loaded with the latest technology. The lineup includes various modules, including process products and distributors.
- "IPS-6200 [FOR-A YEM Eletex]" (New Product - First exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This single-unit, stand-alone, seamless IP changeover supports TS and TS over IP signals.
- "EVM-2650 [FOR-A YEM Eletex]" (New Product - First Exhibition in Japan)
 The EVM-2650 uses two lines of SDI signal in the VANC band to transmit up to two lines of RS-422A serial data on each line for a total of four lines. It can also be used as a data transmission terminal when the network is disconnected, such as during a disaster.

☆ Virtual Solutions
- "InfinitySet [Brainstorm]" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This high-end virtual system is packed with the latest technology, including a three-dimensional chroma keyer and a tele-transporter function to naturally combine people and things that are in different places.
- "SmartDirect RCG"
 Though the hurdles were high with respect to equipment and operations, this sensor-linked RCG system achieves both low cost and simple operation. It can be immediately operational through its rich CG template.
- "QUU [Qoncept]"
 This can detect the position of the subject through image recognition. The sensor system achieves CG synthesis following the camera's pan, tilt, and zoom without the need for a mechanical sensor.

☆ File-based Solutions
- "New MediaConcierge" (New Product - World Premier)
 More than a footage management system, this has evolved into a production support system. It provides a work environment with a high degree of freedom and safety through its SNS-like user management. It also provides new data management techniques through hierarchical cloud management. In addition, it provides new interconnectivity with the VWS ticker system.
- "MBP-500VS" (New Product)
 This ingest and playout server has multi-channel support. It is equipped with multi-channel input and output/codec, and high speed storage capabilities. It is space-saving and achieves high performance and high functionality.
- "LTR-200HS6" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This video archive recorder supports multi-format and is equipped with an LTO-6 drive. It is equipped with multiple video codecs and the codecs can be selected to suit the application.
- "LTS-60 / LTS-MAM"
 This archive server has LTO-6 support. It can also be equipped with MAM (a footage management option), which achieves footage management of multiple LTO tapes with just LTS-60. Search and viewing can be accessed freely via a web browser. It also easily interconnects with an LTO autoloader.

☆ Character Generator
- "VWS-4K" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This character generator supports 4K. It has inherited the traditional usability of the 3D-VWS. It supports ticker data compatibility with various formats, such as by converting HD ticker data for use.
- "Aston 3D [Brainstorm] (3D-VWS Interconnectivity)" (New Features)
 This character generator has real-time CG rendering technology. By connecting with VWS, it uses VWS footage data and achieves an RCG system that can link with sensors.
- "Mir [Compix]" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This character generator offers rendering-free real time playback of objects and keyframe animations created with 3D software.

☆ Graphics Solutions (※ Products handling visual graphics)
- "MVP (Motion Video Play) [ORAD]"
 This sensorless graphics system connects with slow-motion servers and achieves visual graphics effects that are linked to the movement of the subject of the video.
- "TD Control Lite [ORAD]" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter Bee)
 This system achieves high cost performance and enhanced M/E by combining with the HVS-390HS.

☆ Special-purpose Cameras
- "HBC-3600 [Flovel]" (New Features)
 This 3 board type HD ultra-sensitive camera uses a 2/3 type HbCMOS sensor. It has its own noise removal function to enable filming of vivid color in dark settings. By switching the internal filter near-infrared filming is also possible.
- "HBC-2000" (New Product - First Exhibition at Inter BEE)
 This new model was added to the HBC series. It inherited the features of the popular HBC-1200. The ultra-high sensitivity camera has 2.07 megapixels and full HD/60fps.

Headquarters: Ebisu 3-8-1, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0013
Exhibitor Section / Hall / Booth Number: Video and Broadcasting Equipment / Hall 4 / 4208

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