【Inter BEE 2014 TV】Only Style:  New ECO-POWER portable power supply unit for indoor use, downsized to 1/4, now featuring Uninterruptible Power Supply

2014.11.20 UP



 Only Style (Booth 5303) manufactures and sells outdoor products. It is now showing the new series ECO-POWER 2500 portable power supply unit featuring a built-in, large-capacity lithium-ion batteries. It is for indoor use and available for rent.
 The weight of the ECO-POWER 2500 is one-fourth that of the older model ECO-POWER 6400 which is for both outdoor and indoor use. It can supply 100 watts of power for 20 hours. It also has UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This means that with the ECO-POWER 2500 connected between your personal computer and a power outlet, if there is a power outage, the ECO-POWER 2500 will continue to power your personal computer.
 The ECO-POWER 2500 consists of the lithium-ion battery (200 hours/2,500 watt hours) and multi-inverter (2,000 watts). A three-day rental is ¥18,000 (review price, regular price is ¥21,500). It can be shipped anywhere in Japan via Yamato Transport's door-to-door delivery service. The shipping cost is a flat rate of ¥2,000.
 For battery performance and safety, the lithium-ion battery uses lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. This prevents overheating and has excellent durability. Also, since the voltage does not tend to drop toward the end of the power supply period, even devices consuming much power can receive stable power for a long time. Since the ECO-POWER 2500 is very safe with no concern of fires or explosions, you can use it with peace of mind.