[Inter BEE 2014] Toshiba Lighting & Technology - Demonstration of two-way communications, from lighting consoles to LED lighting fixtures - High-output model from the "FORTEX" LED spotlight series also shown as a reference exhibit

2014.11.16 UP

"FORTEX" LED Spotlight

Toshiba Lighting & Technology - Image diagram of Toshiba L&T Engineering's exhibition booth

Toshiba Lighting & Technology - Image diagram of Toshiba L&T Engineering's exhibition booth

Toshiba Lighting & Technology will exhibit in conjunction with Toshiba L&T Engineering at the Inter BEE 2014 to be held over the course of three days from Wednesday, November 19th to Friday, November 21st, showing production lighting equipment for use in TV studios and on stages. In their booth (Booth # 3513), in addition to demonstrating two-way communications from lighting consoles to LED lighting fixtures, they will exhibit concepts for all-LED lighting systems and materials for new products.

■ An exhibition where you can experience two-way operations with RDM
 The "FORTEX" LED spotlight series uses densely mounted LEDs to achieve light distribution with no unevenness, from spot to flood. The "Fresnel type" lights equipped with Fresnel lenses have light distribution for studio use that focuses on flood lighting, and is equipped standard with a barn door that has excellent light shielding properties. It gives off a soft light distribution from medium to wide angles (21° to 63°). It balances the necessary luminance for stages and studios, with high color rendering for beautiful expression (Bulb color equivalent: Ra95 / Neutral white equivalent: Ra90).
 It is set apart by its use of fanless natural cooling for heat dissipation, so there is little chance of malfunction due to intake of dust and debris. In addition, with dimming characteristics that conform to the JATET-A curve, it can be used seamlessly with halogen fixtures. (The JATET-A curve is one of the technological standards for theaters and performance spaces prescribed by the Japan Association of Theater and Entertainment Technology (JATET)).
 It is also equipped with ANSI standard RDM functionality, enabling two-way remote device management with use of a DMX-512 cable. Information such as power-on time and lighting time can be fed back to the corresponding operator console. Changes in address or lighting mode can be made from the corresponding operator console.

■ High-output model from the FORTEX series shown as a reference exhibit
 "RDM" is an abbreviation for "Remote Device Manager" functionality. It is a digital signal for performance lighting that is ANSI standardized. Leveraging this RDM in all-LED systems enables a variety of information from the LED lighting fixtures to be fed back to the operator console, leading to more intuitive lighting operations. At this exhibition, they will exhibit the same system incorporating a lighting baton.
 The exhibit will include LED lighting fixtures including the FORTEX LED spotlight series, floods, and full-color Horizont lights. They will also show the high-output model from the FOREX series as a reference exhibit. In addition, they will exhibit a remodeled portable dimmer stand, and a fader box with simple operability.

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