Inter BEE 2014 TV: Media Solutions presented axle Video’s media file management solution, axle 2015, for the first time, and gave a demonstration of the product working in conjunction with Avid ISIS 15500

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Media Solutions (headquarters in Minato-ku, Tokyo) participated in Inter BEE 2014 (Makuhari Messe, Wednesday 19th–Friday 21st November, 2014) where it exhibited axle 2015 for the first time in Japan. Axle 2015 is a media file management solution that has been developed by an American company called axle Video.

• Additional features of axle 2015: a chat feature and an optional rough cut editing module called axle Edit
Media Solutions presented axle Video’s media file management solution, called axle 2015, a product that was presented at this year’s IBC. It also provided a demo at its booth where axle 2015 was used to access material that was ingested in Avid’s shared storage (ISIS 15500) by using MOG’s mxf SPEEDRAIL, an ingest product that converts SDI videos into files.

Unlike the traditional media management system (MAM, media asset management) that was designed for use in large-scale facilities, axle Video’s axle is a simple media management solution. Axle does not rely on a server system or editing system, does not require special software on a workstation or laptop PC, and is capable of managing video material files using a standard Web browser.

In addition to having the capacity to support over 600,000 media assets, axle 2015 comes with optional features including a chat feature and axle Edit, a module that allows editing on iPad. Tsuyoshi Kachi from Sales Department explained axle Edit as: “An iPad-based rough cut editor that uses proxy data.” According to Kachi, the chat feature not only allows users to send short comments, but achieves group communication and may also be used for approval. Axle 2015 is scheduled for release early next year.

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