【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Traffic Sim: New Version of the HACOBE2 Portable TS Recording Analyzer, Now With DTTV/BS Modulation

2013.11.14 UP

The HACOBE2 Portable TS Recording Analyzer

 Traffic Sim (booth 5504) has added new features to its HACOBE portable TS recording unit which will be sold as the HACOBE2. All functions have been made more accessible, and it comes equipped with DTTV and BS modulation functions. Traffic Sim will also show a TS monitoring system operating TORUBE, a multi-point synchronous recording unit (supports SD/HD-SDI, NTSC, TS, RF, BS-IF, and IP inputs).
 Traffic Sim will announce and demonstrate the HACOBE2 Portable TS Recording Analyzer as a brand new product. The current version of the HACOBE supports analysis from DTTV/BS /110°CS/CATV demodulation, data analysis from USB memory, and playback analysis through loop recording to an internal HDD. The HACOBE enables single-unit handling of digital broadcast reception verification. 
The new HACOBE2 has even greater operability and is loaded with a long-awaited modulation function. Namely it supports DTTV and BS modulation, allowing the user to handle both demodulation and modulation in one unit. Traffic Sim will be demonstrating an actual modulation through a linked TV monitor at the booth at InterBEE.
 The Steve data conversion system enables automatic transmission of images and information within a few minutes after a program ends to block illegal video duplication. The transmission will automatically process once a target is initially established.
 The new DVD-Video allows DVD rewriting with image quality selection during rewrite. New Blu-ray products are also on display, with H.264 format archiving capabilities.
 The WebJohn TS player can access a synchronous recording server with Inter Explorer to download and verify image and sound. It also supports HEVC playback.