[Inter BEE 2018] Grass Valley. Exhibiting various solutions and network products for live production and news production

2018.10.19 UP

Color grading & finishing

Color grading & finishing "Rio 4K"

4K HDR compatible nonlinear editing system

4K HDR compatible nonlinear editing system "EDIUS 9"

4K compatible digital disk recorder/player

4K compatible digital disk recorder/player "T2 4K Series"

4K compatible digital disk recorder/player

4K compatible digital disk recorder/player "T2 4K Series"

At Inter BEE 2018, Grass Valley will exhibit various solutions and the networking products that connect them in order to achieve "Content Your Way" in live productions and news. With its latest products compatible with SDI/IP networking, 4K UHD, HDR, WCG, etc., Grass Valley provides optimized production/management/distribution environments for a variety of requirements.

[Featured Products]
■ Color grading & finishing "Rio 4K"
Achieve highly productive post workflow with high real-time performance and complete integration of file-based workflow.

■ 4K HDR compatible nonlinear editing system "EDIUS 9"
EDIUS 9 is the latest version of EDIUS and boasts outstanding real-time editing. Under the theme of "Cloud Ready," it proposes a new professional-use workflow that ties in with cloud services. It is installed with an HDR editing function extension which maximizes log material and an optimized exporter function.

■ 4K compatible digital disc recorder/player "T2 4K Series"
"T2 4K series" is a digital disc recorder/player that brings together the latest technologies and is compatible with 4K (DCI / UHD), HD, and SD. Its input/output interface has four 3G-SDI ports, and it supports not only 4k resolution (2160p) but also HD resolution (1080p/1080i).

■ Robotic Camera System "RS-LDX"
Robotic camera solution that can utilize all the functions of the LDX compact series. Complete control of the pan head, camera, and lens is possible from the control panel. It can be customized by combining with various options, such as a prompter or elevator.

■ Motion-compensated Frame-rate Converter "Alchemist Live"
Perfect motion-compensated frame-rate conversion with no artifacts is possible. It allows seamless worldwide distribution of live media of globally recognized conversion quality.

[Main Exhibit Products]
■ Live Production related products
Camera "LDX 86N"
Robotic camera system "RS-LDX" (LDX C82)
Production switcher "Kula"
Replay system "LiveTouch"
Motion-compensated frame-rate converter "Alchemist Live"
High-resolution UHD converter "Kudos Pro UHD 1200"

■ Networking related products
IP modular "IQ Modular" (IQMIX 40, IQUCP25)
IP Multiviewer "MV-820-IP"

■ News & Editing related products
Color grading & finishing "Rio 4K"
Editing system "EDIUS" (HDWS 4K3 Elite, REXCEED Z4000)
Cloud editing system "EDIUS Cloud"
Disk recorder "T2 4K Elite"

[Grass Valley Co., Ltd.]
■ Head office address
19F Kobe Crystal Tower, 1-1-3 Higashi Kawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 650-0044
■ Hall/booth number
Video Production/Broadcast Equipment Division/Hall 3/3506

[Please visit Inter BEE 2018 after completing registration]
Inter BEE 2018 will be held at Makuhari Messe for three days from November 14 (Wednesday) to 16th (Friday). Entrance is free, but since it will be a completely registration-based system, please visit us after you have completed your entry registration.
In addition, you can also make reservations to attend the conference.
We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity, and we eagerly await your visit.

Event Overview
■ Name: Inter BEE 2018 / (54th) 2018 International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition
■ Date: Wednesday, November 14th and Thursday, November 15th 2018, 10:00-17:30. Friday, November 16th, 10:00-17:00 [3 days]
■ Venue: Makuhari Messe (exhibition halls 1-8, event halls, international conference halls) 2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture
■ Admission: Free of charge (registration system)
■ Organizer: The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)
■ Support: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (in ranking order), NHK, National Association of Commercial Broadcasters, Association of Radio Industries and Businesses, Digital Content Association of Japan, Association for Promotion of Advanced Broadcasting Services (in no particular order)