【Inter BEE 2013】Toshiba Exhibit four new TV master system concepts Professional-use 4K UHD monitor prototype also on display

2013.11.14 UP

New TV master system

 Toshiba (booth: 8524) display an array of equipment that has revolutionized its product lineup, focused on four concepts for its new television master system.
 In the Smart Check Technology corner, Toshiba offers a demo highlighting the easy-to-use applications it offers for system operators and maintainers.
 In the Real Time Control & Safety corner, a control network that had previously been based on ARCNET is built on Ethernet technology.
 In the Flexible Architecture corner, each and every application is optimized for flexibility, which in turn enhances the flexibility of the overall system.
 In the Green Technology corner, a variety of equipment has been optimized to save space; hardware energy consumption has been cut by 40%, while the space taken up by the overall system has decreased by 30%.

 Also on reference exhibit at the Toshiba booth is a prototype for the professional-use, high-end 4K UHD 'TUM-32PRO1' monitor, with superior photopic contrast and Adobe RGB 99% color space. The monitor will be released in late December and is equipped with a 4K high-resolution panel with four times the pixels (3,840x2,160) of full HD. With the use of super-resolution technology that capitalizes on image technology developed in-house, the monitor can even take images in lower resolutions such as full HD and display them in crisp, clear 4K.
 The panel uses high-performance low-reflection film to reduce reflections on the screen and display natural-looking images with superior photopic contrast.
 The monitor is equipped with numerous high-resolution technologies developed by LCD TV firms and has a wide variety of applications for creative businesses such as advertising, design, catalog production, photography, and film editing, as well as for fields such as fashion and medicine that require natural, high-definition image displays.