Inter BEE 2014: NTT Advanced Technology: 4K60P Enabled HEVC Decoder/Transcoder exhibited in Japan for the first time - Software for clear sound collection at 100 dB exhibited

2014.11.11 UP

"UHD-1000" HEVC Decoder (right front)

"UHD-1000" HEVC Decoder (back)

"RealFeel FileConvert 4K" screen during transcoding

NTT Advanced Technology (Headquarters: Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture) will exhibit at Inter BEE 2014, to be held over the course of three days from Wednesday, November 19th to Friday, November 21st, 2014. In their booth (Booth #: 5405), in addition to their first exhibition in Japan of the "UHD-1000" 4K60P/4:2:2/10 bit enabled HEVC decoder presented at this year's NAB and exhibited at IBC, they will exhibit the "RealFeel FileConvert 4K" file transcoder that enables 4K60p video HEVC transcoding, and the "intelligent mic library" microphone technology that allows clear transmission, even at 100 dB levels, which was presented this September.

■ First exhibition in Japan of "UHD-1000" HEVC decoder - Demonstration planned of 4K monitor display decoded from 4:2:2/10 bit 4K20P HEVC stream
 The "UHD-1000" HEVC decoder is an HEVC decoder that supports 4K60P/4:2:2/10 bit, and is equipped with DVB-ASI input and a 3G-SDIx4 output terminal. In addition to handling a variety of video formats such as 4K, full HD, HD, and SD, and frame rates including 50 fps, 59.94 fps, and 60 fps, it has functions such as PID selection, genlock, and local file playback. It is equipped with a USB interface and supports connecting USB devices containing bitstream files and local playback by selecting files with a keyboard or mouse. In addition, the HEVC decoder is equipped not with a hardware decoder, but with a software decoder developed by NTT-AT.
 Mr. Shinichi Kamano, the SE Division Manager of the Application Solution Department said of the uses for the "UHD-1000" HEVC decoder, "It is intended for verifying back-to-back video broadcasts. Since it also supports 2K, it can also be used for substitution of transmitted footage using MPEG2 and H.264 in addition to 4K transmission."
 In their booth, they plan to use ASI to receive and decode a 4:2:2/10 bit 4K60P HEVC stream output by a TS recorder and conduct a demonstration displaying it on a 4K monitor. "I want visitors to experience the HEVC/main 4:2:2/10 bit performance," Mr. Kamano said.

■ Exhibition of "RealFeel FileConvert 4K" file transcoding application with HEVC support - Demonstration of the application's performance and UI
 "RealFeel FileConvert 4K" is a file conversion software for video content that enables 4K video conversion in the latest H.265/HEVC encoding standard. It supports a variety of input file formats and can create an HEVC stream that supports 4K under various encoding conditions. In addition, it supports the "XAVC File" broadcast footage file format standard for NexTV Forum 4K footage broadcasting. Its main features are that the footage files can be acquired from FTP and transmitted as encoded files, it supports importing logos and titles, has a watch folder function, and supports H.264 encoding in addition to H.256/HEVC. For the operating environment, it requires a PC with Core-i7 CPU, Xeon (with AVX), 8 GB memory or more, and Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 for the operating system. Mr. Shinichi Kamano explained, "It supports 4:2:2 and HEVC transcoding of 4K60p video, and enables verification of distribution server and HEVC playback terminal, network verification, and VoD service verification."
 In the booth, they plan to hold a demonstration, and visitors will be able to experience the 4K60p/4:2:2/10 bit performance and functionality, as well as the ease of operation.

■ "Intelligent Mic Library", capable of clear sound transmission even in noisy 100 dB circumstances
 The "Intelligent Mic Library" is software announced this September that can transmit sound clearly, even in noisy 100 dB circumstances. With software that only collects sound from a specified direction with multiple microphones, sound can be transmitted clearly, even in noisy situations up to 100 dB. In addition, it can be combined with an echo canceler, enabling measures against unpleasant echoes, most difficult to deal with in hands-free transmission. In the booth, they plan to give a demonstration to use an income-type intelligent microphone with the "Intelligent Mic Library" to show the effects.

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