[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Tamura Corporation New Portable Digital Mixer NT016 On Display Two-Unit Connection And 32 Physical Fader Channels Via The Cascade Function

2015.11.18 UP

Portable Small Sized Digital Mixing Console NT016

Tamura Corporation will simultaneously display all of their products, which can be put together to make a high-quality sound system, at their booth at Inter BEE 2015. The focus will mostly be on their new portable, small sized digital mixing console, the NT016, but they will also be showing off their NT660 and NT880 digital mixing consoles and their A-type digital wireless mic system, which utilizes OFDM.
The NT880 is their large sized digital console and is the flagship model of their N-Series, which is known for its great ease of use. The new NT016 is a portable mixer that integrates all of the features of the NT880 into a more compact model.
It comes equipped with 16 standard insertion analog I/O cards, which feature 16 physical faders channels, two AES I/O cards, and added I/O functionality via its expansion slot. Vocal processing duplication is possible through the power supply duplication option. It can be operated from a relay point for live broadcasts, etc..
Two consoles can be connected, and used for a total of 32 physical fader channels, via the cascade connection. The compact design features external dimensions of 430mm(W) X 220.5mm(H) X 720mm(D) (without the side panel), with the possibility for an 19-inch EIA rack mount, so it is perfect for use in a small-scale broadcasting studio, equipped on a OB van, or at a relay point.