[Inter BEE 2016 TV] METAL TOYS are exhibiting their long-distance travel slider, "beetle BEYOND". Durable-construction rails support even the weight of large broadcasting cameras, and can even be used for movement while hanging.

2016.11.24 UP

beetle BEYOND

METAL TOYS demonstrated their "beetle BEYOND" slider, capable of long-distance travel, at Inter BEE 2016.
Normally, sliders are intended for use with small cameras and can only travel a short distance. However, this new "beetle BEYOND" slider model can handle comparatively large broadcasting or film cameras. It is also capable of providing smooth, stable movement across longer distances. The name "BEYOND" comes from the fact that this product can be used when rails cannot be mounted on the floor or when you need to cross over the top of tables or other objects that may be blocking the path.
The major feature of this product is that the rails are made from two interlocked pieces of metal for a durable construction. If you look at the cross-section it is oval-shaped and supports weight from above. Structurally, eight wheels are embedded into the rail for stable movement while filming without any concern of falling.
METAL TOYS demonstrated this product in this hanging state to really emphasize this aspect of the product on the exhibition floor. This was their first time to publicly demonstrate the product. They also offer demonstration rentals.

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