[NEWS] Velbon exhibits MILLER's new fluid head "Arrow X Series" and demonstrates various equipment to show progress in functionality and operability. Long pole (maximum 3 m) for pseudo aerial shooting also on display.

2016.11.13 UP

Arrow X3 Fluid Head

Arrow X3 Fluid Head

MILLER's professional-use tripod

MILLER's professional-use tripod "3068 Arrow X3 Solo 3st CF System" and fluid head "Arrow X Series"

Velbon is participating at the Inter BEE 2016 held at Makuhari Messe from November 16 (Wednesday) to 18 (Friday). (hall number: 5, booth number: 5511)
The focus of the exhibition will be Australian company MILLER's new products. During the event, machines for demonstration will be on display and staff of MILLER including the president will come to answer questions from visitors. Velbon is MILLER's domestic agent in Japan. By participating at Inter BEE following last year, the company aims to expand sales of professional equipment including MILLER's products.

■New proposition of combining "Arrow X Series", which has been renewed for the first time in 10 years, with a tripod
One of the main exhibitions is MILLER's new professional tripod fluid head "Arrow X Series". Weight 3.1kg, pan range 360°, plate moving width 120 mm, tilt range +90°/-75°. "The series has been renewed for the first time in about 10 years and, compared to the previous model, it has a larger load range, and counterbalance has significantly increased to 16 stages," says Velbon's Mr. Naoto Nakajima.

The series has three types. "Arrow X3 Fluid Head" has a load range of 1-19kg and costs 521,000 yen. "Arrow X5 Fluid Head" has a load range of 2-21kg and costs 654,000 yen. "Arrow X7 Fluid Head" has a load range of 6-25kg and costs 775,000 yen.

At the booth, it will be exhibited combined with a professional-use tripod that is compatible with the "Arrow X Series". Setting it on a tripod with a high stretch ratio, you can widen the range of video expression.

■MILLER's new dolly "PEDESTAL Series" will be presented for the first time in Japan
MILLER's new dolly "PEDESTAL Series" will also be exhibited. Inter BEE 2016 will be the first occasion to present the new series in Japan. It is light and can be separated into the dolly part and the main column part, so it can be stored and carried easily. The company will exhibit "Skyline 70 PEDESTAL Live 55 System", which is a combination with the fluid head "Skyline 70". Maximum load 55 kg, weight 22.8 kg, height 790-1355mm. Price is 2,468,000 yen.

Regarding the Arrow X Series and PEDESTAL Series, the company lends evaluation machines. "If you are interested after using it at the booth, you can apply for borrowing on the spot. We would like many visitors to experience the new product's usability and operability," says Mr. Nakajima.

■Velbon's "Long Pole" that allows easy pseudo aerial shooting
In addition to MILLER's products, Velbon's original products will also be on display. "Long Pole" allows you to easily shoot from a high point. It can stretch up to 3 m. "We used nut locks in the stretching part, which made it stronger, realizing stable operability," says Mr. Nakajima.

By installing a camera on the top part, you can easily do drone-like pseudo aerial shooting. It can be used for shooting from a high point in a narrow place where you cannot fly a drone or for equipment for installing security cameras and surveillance cameras. In addition, Velbon's new pan head "FHD-66AS" will also be exhibited.

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