[Inter BEE 2015 TV] DDP Proposed high-speed data sharing environment via Gigabit Ethernet Low-cost, with shared storage between multiple devices and tools possible

2015.11.27 UP

The interface screen showing the utilization of multiple machines

DDP (DYNAMIC DRIVE POOL) is exhibiting DYNAMIC DRIVE POOL Pro shared storage. Unlike the existing Fibre Channel and SAN, it is characterized by transferring blocks using standard Gigbait Ethernet cables using "AVFS" (the Ardis Virtual File System), a unique file transfer technology. It lends itself to sharing large amounts of data for high-quality video. It achieves a performance of over 200 MB/s, even in RAID 5 configuration.

At the booth, with a Mac Pro and Windows machine side-by-side, they demoed the shared storage status of applications while performing operations in the various applications.