[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Toshiba A demonstration of encoding with the broadcast HEVC encoder

2015.11.19 UP

HEV Encoder
TV Master System

TV Master System

Toshiba is exhibiting the broadcast HEV encoder in our own Inter BEE 2015 booth (video and broadcast equipment, booth #3214), which we use. In the 4k/8k broadcast-related corner, they are upscaling an HD video to super-resolution and demonstrating encoding with the HEV encoder at 20 Mbps.

In addition, in the TV master system corner, utilizing top market share digital broadcast transmission technology and experience, Toshiba is working on developing a new TV master system. It is space-saving, power-saving, and features web apps. The file-based integrated bank system is in its fifth year on the market, and has earned a reputation as highly reliable flash memory. It is newly equipped with integrated functions, including VAF functionality.

Toshiba is making an appeal for the merits of batch construction of master systems and bank systems in response to master updates at commercial TV stations. This enables a reduction in hardware, as well as the close cooperation of functions, making the construction of easy-to-operate systems possible.