Inter BEE 2013: Miharu Communications showcased H.264 encoder reference device for linear IP broadcasting

2013.11.13 UP

H.264 encoder for linear IP broadcasting (reference exhibit)
Digital terrestrial television signal IP transmission system (sender and receiver)

Digital terrestrial television signal IP transmission system (sender and receiver)

Miharu Communications (booth #6308) showcased products for achieving “More Advanced” and “More Robust” broadcasting services.
The product range achieving “More Advanced” broadcasting services included an area broadcasting system (full-segment) with a solid track record based on proof-of-concept testing by broadcasters, a multiscreen encoder for Over-The-Top (OTT) delivery, CATV platforms such as an SI/EPG delivery system and H.264 encoder for linear IP broadcasts supporting IPTV Forum technical specifications, and the MR series of in-house digital broadcasting systems.
Under “More Robust,” they presented the following three products. Their emergency backup system and character generator was developed for broadcasters and is equipped with the 12-segment MPEG-2 encoder, 1seg H.264 encoder, TS multiplexing, SI/EPG generation, and OFDM modulation necessary for delivery of normal 12-segment + 1seg broadcasting, all in one machine. The digital terrestrial television signal IP transport system enables transport of broadcast signals to remote locations outside service areas and can be utilized as a backup for existing systems. The Miharu Chan DTTV easy-measuring and monitoring system measures digital terrestrial television signals per channel. Monitoring signal status helps ensure reliable system administration, as well as root cause analysis for broadcasters and relay stations.