[InterBEE 2012] NTF to exhibit waterproof housing/parts and waterproof/dust proof equipment such as LED lighting equipment and LED lights for underwater imagery, underwater fixed-point cameras, and custom-built waterproof housing

2012.11.11 UP

Waterproof housing


NTF (Video & Broadcast Equipment Division, #7512), a company that deals in everything related to waterproof housing/parts and waterproof/dust proof equipment—from planning and design to manufacturing and sales—will be exhibiting their products with the aim of expanding their business.
 The main products that will be on display are LED lighting equipment and LED lights for underwater imagery, underwater fixed-point cameras, custom-built waterproof housing, and other one-off and development products. The underwater LED lighting equipment produces high intensity 1,000 W/100,000 lm light suited to video filming.
 NTF's strength is in its manufacturing prowess, which takes advantage of its advanced in-house design and plant operations that it has built up over many years. The company gives shape to its customers' requests and actively commercializes them.
 With the company's machining technology, even plastic and nonferrous metals can be formed precisely and made smaller and lighter in weight. By leveraging the advantages they possess with regards to totally machined parts by handling everything from planning to production, they say they can handle small lots and offer quick delivery.
 Deep sea research and development has been moving forward of late, and the company's demand is expanding. They say they are currently utilizing their know-how in waterproof/dust proof equipment in order to develop various deep sea products.

[InterBEE 2012]
Inter BEE is a convention for audio, video and communications professionals—it gathers top-of-the-line broadcast, video, music and lighting equipment, IPTVs, mobile TVs, cross-media and peripheral applications and solutions all under one roof. Relevant to all involved in media, it provides an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the creative and media businesses.
Held Wednesday, November 14 to Friday, November 16 at Makuhari Messe (free admission)