InterBEE 2014: ADTECHNO: HDMI extender allows for 4K footage at distances up to 70 meters | Other extender allows pushing three SDI signals over a single optical cable for 10 kilometers

2014.11.11 UP

LCD1015 professional multimedia display with 1280x800 IPS LCD panel

LCD1015 professional multimedia display with 1280x800 IPS LCD panel

HD-10HPE HDBaseT HDMI Extender Pro (4K compatible)

HD-10HPE HDBaseT HDMI Extender Pro (4K compatible)

M OTR, a super small format, lightweight 3G-SDI signal  extender

M OTR, a super small format, lightweight 3G-SDI signal extender

 ADTECHNO (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) exhibited at Inter BEE 2014 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba from November 19 through 21. The company's booth (#2508) showcased the "LCD1015" series of displays, which ADTECHNO announced on November 7 in the run-up to Inter BEE 2014, the "HD-10HPE" HDBaseT HDMI Extender Pro, announced in July, and the "M_OTR," a super small format 3G-SDI signal extender from the Digital Forecast (Korea) Bridge lineup, which went on sale on July 30.

■Wide-view, high luminance, high contrast IPS LCD panels

On November 7, prior to Inter BEE 2014, ADTECHNO announced a range of multimedia displays featuring 1280x800 IPS LCD panels. These are the LCD1015 (black), the CD1015W (white), the LCD1015S (black), the LCD1015T (black), and the LCD1015TW (white), seen for the first time at the expo. Intended for professional use, these monitors have a resolution of 1280x800 and luminance of 350cd./m2, with a 170° viewing angle in all directions. The IPS LCD panels feature 800:1 contrast.

The LCD1015 and CD1015W are the standard model, which has HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, and video in. The LCD1015S adds to this with a 3G-SDI port and an output port that outputs SDI signals as passthrough output. The LCD1015T (black) and LCD1015TW (white) take the standard model's specifications and add a resistance film touch panel.

The core specifications offered for all of the models are support for digital in at up to 1080P and analog in at up to 1900x1200 (WUXGA); these are resolved at a resolution of 1280x900, and the monitors also feature downscanning. The aspect ratio can be set via the onscreen display (OSD) to either 4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1, or 2.35:1; a real 16:9 display can be achieved on the 16:10 aspect ratio panel. The monitors also support HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection).

Shinichi Yasui, of ADTECHNO's Sales Unit 2, talked about some of the other items on display: "We are also showing our full range of professional monitors currently on sale, as well as our complete field monitor line, which includes the multi I/O CL76D1 and multi I/O high-def CL76HOXN."

■HD-10HPE HDBaseT HDMI Extender Pro, a 4K compatible unit, along with static display of new products to be announced at Inter BEE

The HD-10HPE is an HDMI extender that uses the HDBaseT spec and allows a transmitter and receiver to be connected via a single category 6/5e LAN cable and transmit uncompressed, 1080p60 4K and 2K video for distances up to 100 meters. The unit went on sale in August.

The HDBaseT standard was set by the HDBaseT Alliance and works off of "5play," which converges uncompressed multimedia video, audio, ethernet, control, and power signals in a single LAN cable to transmit data at distances spanning up to 100 meters. The HD-06E, which is already on sale, can send 1080p60 up to 60 meters and 4K30p up to 30 meters, but the new HD-10HPE achieves, according to Yoshihito Iida of the company's Sales Unit 2, 100 meters at 1080p60 and 70 meters at 4K30p. The input source can be split on output through the included HDMI output ports, allowing the user to connect a display to the transmitter and simultaneously preview content on a remotely tethered television or projector. Up to five devices can be daisy-chained.

Iida said the company would also be showing static displays of new products it plans to introduce at Inter BEE.

■ M_OTR super small format 3G-SDI signal extender and reference versions of the company's latest 4K compatible products

M_OTR takes digital SD, HD, and 3G-SDI signals and can transmit them over long distances using a single fiber-optic cable. This item comes courtesy of Korean maker Digital Forecast. The transmitter features two SDI I/F input ports and one SDI output port, and the receiver has one SDI input port and two SDI I/F output ports. The transfer uses coarse wavelength dynamic multiplexing (CWDM) to bidirectionally send two SDI signals from the transmitter to the receiver and receive one SDI signal from the receiver to the transmitter unit, all over a single fiber-optic cable.

Iida added, "We are showing reference versions of Digital Forecast's FS from the Bridge Series and the latest 4K compatible products."

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