Inter BEE 2016 TV: Onkyo Tokki presents Axis Digital Mixing System announced at NAMM Show; demos 32ch digital mixer with Dante wireless connectivity

2016.11.25 UP

EAW speakers

EAW speakers

MACKIE digital mixing system

MACKIE digital mixing system

 Onkyo Tokki showcased speakers, DSP processors, video delivery systems, and more from overseas manufacturers at Inter BEE 2016. They also participated in the INTER BEE EXPERIENCE X-Speaker SR speaker experience with a megavolume demonstration of the EAW flagship series ADAPTive Systems Anna speaker array.

New Product: Mackie Axis 32ch digital mixing system
 Two sets of the Axis Digital Mixing System announced at NAMM Show 2016 were on display. One was the DL32R digital mixer with 32-channel wireless mixing capability operated on via iPads. The other was the DC16 control surface for the new DL32R connected to the industry standard Dante digital network. The Axis Digital Mixing System is built with physical faders.
 The Onkyo Tokki booth also offered the experience of playback of a 32-channel multi-track recorded audio source from a USB hard-disk mounted onto the DL32R along with mixing simulation using the Mackie Axis Digital Mixing System.

New Product: Mackie ProDX Series ultra-compact Bluetooth wireless mixer
 The ProDX Series is capable of Bluetooth wireless mixing using iOS or Android devices. Two mixers were on display—the ProDX4 4-channel version and 8-channel ProDX8, each operated using an iPod Touch.
 Wireless mixing was demonstrated through CRBT Series Creative Reference monitor speakers.

 Products exhibited at the booth:
■ EAW (U.S. pro sound speaker manufacturer)


Dante compatible RADIUS Series powered speakers

■ MACKIE (mixers, speakers, DTM tools)

Axis Series
 digital mixer *XR Series studio quality monitor speakers

ProDX Series Bluetooth capable digital mixer

■ QSC (DSP processors for large-scale equipment)

Q-SYS System
 next-gen DSP processor
PTZ Series
 IP camera
AD Series Surface Pendant ceiling speaker

■ BIAMP (latest DSP processors) 
TESIRA Series conference rooms DSP processor
TESIRA Amp Series
 AVB poweramp
Devio Series for convenient online meetings

■ ATLONA (video delivery systems)

■ rational acoustics (industry standard system measurement/analysis/optimization software)

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