【InterBEE 2013 TV】 NAC Image Technology AMIRA Single-User Camera Offers Beautiful Skin Tones, Natural Color Rendering, Low Noise, 14-Stop Dynamic Range

2013.11.13 UP


  NAC Image Technology (booth #8321) will feature a workflow display with Codex Vault and the ALEXA XT, the ARRI digital camera with speeds up to 120 ARRIRAW fps and built-in recording technology, plus the new AMIRA documentary-style camera. NAC will also show actual Carl Zeiss Master Anamorphic and Angenieux OPTIMO Anamorphic Zoom 56-152mm lenses, plus other high quality ARRI accessories compatible with other maker cinema cameras.
 In lighting, NAC will show the HMI Par Spotlight M-Series M8 (800W) which uses a max reflector to achieve light output comparable to a 1200W Fresnel Spot Light using only 800W, as well as the LED Fresnel Spot Light L7-DT, which is 30% brighter than the L7-C and can be adjusted in the 5000-6500 Kelvin range.
 The ARRI AMIRA single-user or documentary-style camera has the same sensors as the ALEXA that produce beautiful skin tones and natural color renderings, and also boasts of low noise and a wide dynamic range of over 14 stops. It can record Rec709 or Log C images using Pro Resolution LT or 422 among others, and can also record at up to 200 fps on the CFast2.0 card, the new CF card standard.
 AMIRA boots up quickly and has three types of built-in ND filters for a high level of operability that makes it ready to shoot out of the bag. The multi-viewfinder integrates an eyepiece viewfinder with a retractable LCD monitor so video monitor and camera settings can be viewed while the operator holds the camera in shooting position. 3DLUT technology is built in. More freedom for color collection during shooting increases production efficiency.
 AMIRA will launch in spring 2014. It is not compatible with ARRIRAW or anamorphic squeeze.