Exhibition of the DVI/HDMI frame synchronizer "RS-1550B" that is equipped with an effective video rotator function in digital signage

2012.12.24 UP

IMAGENICS exhibited the ""RS-1550B,"" a DVI/HDMI frame synchronizer. In addition to the traditional frame synchronizer and scan converter functions, this comes with a rotator and external control functions, so a variety of multi-display screen configurations are possible. It is now possible to convert resolutions fully automatically to the resolution set by the user.

Users can rotate the video signals 90° left or 90° right in real time through the rotator function. Thus, if a flat-panel display is installed vertically, such as with digital signage, the video content of computers, BD players and others is effective in vertical displays. When used in combination with a switcher or the DVAX series manufactured by IMAGENICS, it is possible to suppress noise generated during video switching by using the pseudo seamless function.

In addition to this, there was a showcase of a 64x64 digital matrix switcher, multi-signal-compatible matrix seamless switcher, long-distance transmission equipment and more.