【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Tektronix display multi-format waveform monitors and waveform rasterizers "WFM/WVR8300" 4K compatible upgrade available after implementation

2015.11.19 UP

Tektronix_WFM8300 model

Tektronix_WFM8300 model

Tektronix is displaying various types of monitors, verification software, and solutions at their Inter BEE 2015 booth (booth #3111).
Multi-format waveform monitors and waveform rasterizers "WFM8300" and "WVR8300" can be upgraded to make them 4K compatible after implementation.
The file base and content verification software "Aurora" provides scalable, high level operability. Automatic testing of image and sound content quality using a transmission system file based work flow is provided.
"MTS4000" is a total solution that performs everything from MPEG-G stream Over IP/RF real time analysis to HEVC-ES analysis.
The potable monitor "WFM2300" is an HD, dual link, 3G-SDI, ASI compatible waveform monitor.