[Inter BEE 2016 TV] M&I Network displays KMU-100 4K extraction device; extracts up to 2 channels of 4K signals, or up to 8 channels of 3G-SDI signals

2016.11.17 UP



M&I Network will be exhibiting its products at Inter BEE 2016, which is held for 3 days from November 16th (Wed.) to the 18th (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe.

The company will be displaying products including the KMU-100 4K extraction device, the SE-1200MU HD/SD-SD compatible 6ch remote control switcher, the HDR-10 highlight replayer-recorder, the HRS-30 HD/SD-SDI compatible handheld recorder, the TC-200 title creator with "TELOP BOX for datavideo TC-200," and the PLK-400 LED light module set.

The KMU-100 4K extraction device is a 4K multi-camera processor capable of extracting up to two channels of 4K signals, and 8 channels of 3G-SDI signals. It is also compatible with Quad 6G/12G-SDI, and HDMI 2.0.
With the RMC-180 controller (sold separately), users can control the extraction position in real time.

The SE-1200 MU HD/SD-SD compatible 6ch remote control switcher is a compact 1U rackmount switcher equipped with 4 HD-SDI and 2 HDMI input channels. The dedicated RMC-260 controller (sold separately) can link with Windows PCs. Capable of downstream keying, chroma keying, and luminance keying.

The HDR-10 highlight replayer-recorder is a compact slow-motion/replay-capable HDD recorder. Compatible with HD/SD-SDI input signals. Thanks to its 2.5-inch HDD/SSD, the HDR-10 makes possible the simplest slow-motion and replays. In combination with the RMC-400 controller (sold separately), it will allow users to build a replay system using up to four HDR-10 units.

The HRS-30 HD/SD-SDI compatible handheld recorder is an all-in-one HD recorder that can use removable HDD/SSD cartridges with integrated HD monitors. In terms of recording formats, it's compatible with MXF/OP1A and Quicktime MOV. The unit can accept a V-mount battery, so it can be used as a field recorder.

The TC-200 HD/SD-compatible title creator is a convenient telop system capable of fill/key output in combination with a laptop. At the M&I Network booth, the company is showing the Nixus-developed "TELOP BOX for datavideo TC-200" software, for use with the TC-200. In addition to its high portability and fill/key output in HD-SDI, this unit offers polished photography, scheduling, and output features.

The PLK-400 LED light module set comes with a set of three LG-B308 (5400K) adjustable LED daylights, one LG-B160C (3200K/5400K) adjustable LED bicolor light, as well as a set of four portable stands that are compatible with all LED modules (portable stand attachment included).

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