Inter BEE 2016 TV: Fuyoh Video Industry exhibits latest products of IP video router systems.

2016.11.25 UP



Fuyoh Video Industry participated at the Inter BEE 2016. The company exhibited "IPG3000", which is an IP gateway for base band SDI, "IVR3000", which is an IP video router equipped with physical port 480G that supports 40G with 11 ports and 10G with 4 ports on a 1U body, and other IP video router system related products.

IP gateway IPG3000
A gateway for baseband SDI. With a size of 3U, a maximum of 10 conversion units (1 unit will support 4K) that convert SDI and 10G can be installed. By using the rotary switch or the dip switch on the unit board, you can change and switch TX, RX and TR.

IP video router IVR3000
With a size of 1U and equipped with physical port 480G, it supports 40G with 11 ports, 10G with 4 ports. Video routing of 192x192 in HD and 24x24 in 4K is possible. Clock synchronization with reference input. Operates with frequency lock. It also supports internal processing at V timing.
Permanent setting is also possible, with a maximum of 24 machines to be set permanently. It has dual battery supply, and you can exchange power supply, fan and front part of SSD while power is on. Maintenance can be done easily.
Because both video router and administration server are developments of our company, we offer flexible configuration and system support according to your needs, and quick support when maintenance is needed.

Fuyoh Video Industry

Head office location:
Postal code: 241-0826
Higashi Kibougaoka 7-25, Asahi-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture
Exhibition category: Video production and broadcast equipment
Hall number: 6
Booth number: 6314
Machines scheduled to be on display:
[Other broadcast equipment total system] Ssatellite transmission] [Terrestrial digital television broadcasting system] [Switcher] [Routing switcher] [Character generator]