Inter BEE 2018: Focusing on "the Use of Data," Unitex Proposes Solutions using the Latest LTO Products—Including Exhibition of New Products, such as Internal Multi-function Dual LTOs for PCs

2018.11.12 UP

LT80H USB, with USB 3.0 support

LT80H USB, with USB 3.0 support

LTO tape library

LTO tape library

Unitex will be exhibiting at Inter BEE 2018, held at Makuhari Messe from November 14th (Wed) to 16th (Fri), showcasing the "Use of Data."
 For many years, Unitex has been working on the development and productization of optical media, MO drives, and tape devices. In addition, Unitex is the only company in the world that specializes in the development and sale of LTO devices that can be connected via USB, offering large-capacity data archiving equipment across a variety of fields, including visual imaging and broadcasting, finance, and more. The company also already provides LTO drives that support the latest LTO standard LTO-8.
(Photo above: New internal multi-function Dual LTOs for PCs)

■Proposing the Use of Archived Data
 On this occasion, Unitex's booth aims to further develop the focus of its work so far —archiving— proposing a solution with a particular objective in mind: making it easy to use archived data.

 More specifically, the company plans to exhibit and demonstrate the following three areas:
(1) Capture and Save: Onsite storage, and data archiving in the office.
 Aims primarily to demonstrate archiving to LTO tape.
 Demonstrates easy and intuitive ways of archiving data, using primarily internal multi-function Dual LTOs for PCs and an automated long-term LTO data storage system.

(2) Manage: Management and retrieval of archived data.
 Showcases offline management using UNITEX Archive LT.
 In addition to existing functionality, such as management of processing history, and management of data and media, on this occasion, the exhibition will also include functionality for the visualization of statistical data, such as usage status of media, data input/output volumes, and more.
(3) Connect: Migration of archived media.
 Showcases the migration of media, digitization of visual media, and more.
 Up until last year, the company had been primarily showcasing the transition from old-generation to new-generation LTO tapes. However, this year, Unitex will also be covering other aspects, such as the conversion from non-LTO tape media to LTO tapes.

■Showcasing of Two Internal Multi-function Dual LTO Drives
 Three main products will be exhibited at the event: the LT80H USB, which is compatible with USB 3.0; the new internal multi-function Dual LTOs for PCs; and an automated long-term LTO data management system, offering built-in functionality for the automatic management of LTO tape libraries and trigger-based automatic data storage.

 The Dual LTO allows you to install two internal drives to perform the simultaneous creation or duplication of multiple LTO tapes.

 The automated long-term LTO data management system can be operated from a remote client. It allows you to implement efficient processing of tapes, by allowing you to control the execution order of processes, or enabling you to implement parallel execution using available drives.

■English Zone for Overseas Visitors
 In addition, this year there will be an English Zone, where the company will be exhibiting its products to overseas visitors.

Exhibitor Summary: Unitex Inc.
■Head Office Address
Unitex Building, 2-2-4 Nakamachi, Machida-shi, Tokyo, Japan
■Hall / Booth Number
Audio Production / Broadcasting Equipment / Hall 3 / 3413