Inter BEE 2015 TV: Kenko Professional Imaging exhibits Wenpod, a level stabilizing filter for use while walking (smartphone, GoPro, and DSLR versions)

2015.11.19 UP

WenPod stabilizer
Hydrophilic coated filter

Hydrophilic coated filter

The Kenko Professional Imaging booth (video and broadcast, #6407) at Inter BEE 2015 exhibited the company's WenPod stabilizer and Tokina hydrophilic filter.

Offered as a 2-axis smartphone version (SP1+) and GoPro stabilizer (GP1+). Maintains a level image while walking or when using one-handed, letting the user easily take shake-free footage. Also available is a single-axis wearable type (X1).

Also on view was the MD2, a 3-axis DSLR stabilizer for professional studio use. It allows for authentic video footage with a digital SLR. The unit rotates in 360 degrees on three axes and enables free and accurate camera work.

Tokina hydrophilic filter
This filter features a specialized coating that prevents water from forming droplets, causing it to spread out evenly in a film across the surface. The result is consistently clear footage without visibility impediments from droplets, such as during inclement weather or wet shooting locations.

The filter has a self-cleaning function -- when exposed to sunlight or UV rays, it clears itself of stains, maintaining the hydrophilic properties at their maximum over the long term.