【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Metal Toys To Show, Demo The Beetle, Small Camera Dolly Used In 'Amachan'

2013.11.15 UP

Beetle Dolly Set

 Metal Toys (booth: 6104) are demonstrating the 'Beetle', a small camera dolly currently used in the NHK morning drama serial 'Amachan'. This is a compact dolly/rail system that can even be used in small Japanese houses without having to worry about space. Besides being able to move the rails around in a small radius, camera movement can be configured by connecting straight and curved rail parts. The system is set up in a U shape at the show. Simply loosening a lever allows for free configuration of the "bowl" that the camera sits for greater flexibility of use. The system is being sold as a full set ready for immediate use, including a conversion ring. Because Metal Toys is mainly in the business of specialized equipment operation, they can support operations up to the set-up stage. All of the systems being demonstrated at InterBEE have been proven in onsite use.