【Inter BEE 2015 TV】ResoNetz Airfolc demonstrates multi-channel audio IP protocol 'ResoNetz Link' and transmits MADI in multi-channel format to remote locations

2015.11.18 UP


 At the company's Inter BEE 2015 booth (Professional Audio Equipment, booth 1516), ResoNetz Airfolc is exhibiting Ethernet MADI Converter 'EtherMADI-64' which makes use of the company's independently developed multimedia transmission technology 'ResoNetz Link'.
The unit carries out high speed processing and interconversion of IP packets and MADI(AES10), a uniform standard for 64ch digital audio signals, and creates a network between remote locations.
ResoNetz Link is a technology with full hardware configuration that makes use of FPGA and enables MADI IP transmission. Protocols such as MAC, IP, UDP, and RTP are all configured in the hardware and ResoNetz Link achieves IP transmission with barely any delay or jitter.
In addition to Layer-2 transmission, the technology supports Layer-3 packet transmission and makes audio transmission possible over a wide range of networks. ResoNetz Link automatically optimizes the transmission method and provides a safe transmission environment and reduced delay. As a result of the technology, MADI can be transmitted to remote locations in multi-channel format via WAN.