(Inter BEE 2015 TV) Ideal Systems Japan Shows Off Evertz's Dreamcatcher Replay System Compatible with 4K Featuring Zoom Function with Ultra HD Raster

2015.11.19 UP

Softcast Technology's 4K Playout System Softcast
Evertz's 4K compatible Replay System Dreamcatcher

Evertz's 4K compatible Replay System Dreamcatcher

 Ideal Systems Japan will have multiple demonstrations at their Inter BEE 2015 booth including ones on Evertz Microsystems' SDVN (Software Defined Video Networking) solutions, the IP-based 4K replay system Dreamcatcher, Softcast Technology's 4K playout system Softcast, Providius' IP analyzer, and Dejero's content relay and distribution platform.
 SC-Autoplay is Softcast's new "channel-in-a-box" application built to run on standard IT hardware. It features SD, HD, and IP playout, linear channel, and multi-channel automation functions.
 SC-Autoplay automates video server playout with device control of third party devices such as GPI's, graphics, and subtitles.
 Evertz's 4K compatible replay system Dreamcatcher provides fast turnaround playback and capture of live video. Highly scalable, Dreamcatcher can seamlessly share content from other systems through its cutting-edge 10GbE network.
 As a pioneer in 4K replays, Dreamcatcher has already been adopted by football, baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing, and many other sports events.
 Compatible with 4K in addition to SD/HD/3G. Features zooming through Ultra HD raster and unique replay functions. Fully controllable on a single surface.
 Evertz's software defined video network (SDVN) solution makes the transition from SDI to IP seamless. By joining high-capacity switch fabrics EXE and 3080IPX with MAGNUM, the SDVN solution can be applied throughout the facility for production, playout and WAN distribution.