[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Village Island Exhibited the "Flex Viewer," a Multi Viewer Compatible with a Maximum of 35 Channels at H.264@20Mbps, as well as Variout OTT ad CDN Related Products from Overseas

2016.11.24 UP

4K Visually Lossless Real-time Encode Decode Low Delay Transfer
TICO SDI Converter: VICO-8_8K Compatible Visually Lossless

TICO SDI Converter: VICO-8_8K Compatible Visually Lossless

TICO SDI Converter: VICO-4_4K Compatible Visually Lossless

TICO SDI Converter: VICO-4_4K Compatible Visually Lossless

At Inter BEE 2016, Village Island exhibited various cutting-edge products from around the world with the 3 main concepts of "OTT and CDN Delivery," "Video Systems and Content Management," and "Time to Market."

■ "OTT and CDN Delivery" Section
At the "OTT and CDN Delivery" section, the following products from other companies were exhibited.
○ Broadpeak (France): CDN solution
○ Witbe (France): Automated video quality checks by end users using smart robots
○ Conviva (United States): Monitor entire video transmission networks to control analysis and optimization of video quality
○ Skyline (Belgium): "Dataminer," an NMS with implementation results inside and outside of Japan
○ BarnFind (Norway): "BarnMini-11" a converter with 12G-SDI and an optical interface
○ Other: Harmonic's "ViBE Encoder" and "Advertisement Insertion System," Wellav's "MRD Demodulation Decoder," etc.

■ "Video Systems and Content Management" Section
At the "Video Systems and Content Management" section, the following products, including those developed by Village Island, were demonstrated.
○ FlexViewer, a multi viewer developed by Village Island: Cascade connection of 2 devices is possible, and a maximum of 35 channels can be displayed for H.264@20Mbps materials.
○ File based solution products
"DALET Amber Fin": High-quality ingestion transcoder
"DALET Brio": Input Output I/O
"Quales" (Spain): Video quality automatic evaluation software. Compatible with most formats, including 4K, and automatically detects freezing and silence.
"DekTec": Multi-interface boards and DTA-2174, a Quad 3G-SDI/DVB-ASI 2SI/SQD input output card that is 4K compatible.
"VF-REC v3.0": Software that can use a GPU to JPEG2000 compress 4K for recording and playout.
"DTA-2131": Multi-standard VHF/UHF receiver. Compatible with DVB-T2/C2 signal analysis. Is able to monitor TS errors and decode TS for demodulated TS using the analysis software StreamXpert.
"DTA-2115B": High end multi-standard modulation board. Enables simultaneous modulation for up to 8 waves, excluding satellite waves, making it optimal for simulation of digital terrestrial broadcast waves.
"DTU-351": An HD SDI input adapter that can be used for laptops with US3.0. Combined with SdEye software, it can be used as a real-time SDI wave form monitor.

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