Inter BEE 2014: Adobe Systems demos the latest update to Adobe CC on a cutting-edge workstation, offers 4K support out of the box| 355'', 8-meter wide LED display shows 4K60P demos

2014.11.12 UP

A massive 335'' 4K screen at the Intel/Adobe booth

A massive 335'' 4K screen at the Intel/Adobe booth

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe Systems showed at Inter BEE 2014 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba from November 19 through 21. Sharing a booth with Intel (6304), the company presented software and hardware solutions which it pitched as having three merits: faster video processing, compatibility with the latest technologies, and stability and ease of use.

The demo stage at the booth was given over to a 355'' LED screen dubbed "4K Viewing," which presented 4K footage. Seigo Furuta, Marketing Manager for the Digital Media Unit 2, Market Division, Adobe Systems said, "With a horizontal width of almost eight meters, the size alone makes this a must-see."

■Trial of the latest update to Adobe CC

The hottest topic at the booth was the chance to try the newest version of Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC). Following a major release in June 2014, the software was updated in October.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC, used for video editing, had even more robust support for 4K production. As a format equipped to perform high speed video processing in the GPU, Phantom Cine joined the existing support for Cinema DNG, RED, AJA CION, and Canon RAW. The software also added native support for GoPro CineForm, a cross-platform intermediate codec for 8K/4K. With the October update, Adobe After Effects CC, a 8K/4K compatible motion graphic effects tool, gained native encode/decode support for GoPro CineForm.

Demos at the booth were performed on a workstation loaded with Intel's newest SSDs and CPUs. "The workstation, provided by Hewlett Packard Japan, has dual 18-core processors for a combined 36-core process, allowing for smooth editing of Ultra HD content," says Furuta.

■Demo stage features a 355'' 4K screen

The demo stage was devoted to a vast, 355'' screen where various demos were shown. "At ten and forty minutes after the hour, we have thirty minute sessions. These include a workflow demonstration for 4K60P production and introduction of new features in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe and Adobe After Effects for producers. We also have guests from overseas in store," says Furuta.

The 4K screen showed not only production content, but the actual screens used in Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects and how they are manipulated, all in 4K. Furuta says, "We have ample space for people to stop by and look. This large screen can also be seen from escalator at the hall entrance, so we want people to catch a glimpse of what massive 4K looks like and come over."

■Pitches stability and ease of use

One of the keywords Adobe Systems floated for this event was "stability and peace of mind." Furuta says, "Adding more speed and support for the latest technologies is relatively easy. Providing stable, solid functionality so the tools can be used continuously is more of a challenge. When deploying a new piece of software, companies have to ask themselves if there will be a lot of concurrent users, if standardized formats will be used, and if the business using those tools will have longevity." He said that Intel and Adobe have partnered at the Inter BEE booth to show clients how these needs can be met.

Adobe Systems
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