[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Yamaki Electric Exhibited the "PC Loudness Ver.2" Loudness Measurement Application, which Reads in BWF-J Format and Corrects to the Loudness Target Value Level

2016.11.17 UP

PC Loudness ver.2

PC Loudness ver.2



[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Yamaki Electric

At Inter BEE 2016, held at Makuhari Messe over 3 days from November 16th (Wed) to 18th (Fri), Yamaki Electric exhibited the new products, "PC Loudness Ver.2," the loudness measurement application, the "PVM-M108S (3G-SDI Compatible)" 3G-SDI input audio monitor, and "YLM-Utility," the loudness meter utility software, for the first time.
Additionally various other VU monitors and loudness meters, which have an abundance of implementation examples, were demonstrated.

●PVM-M108S (3G-SDI compatible) (New product)
"PVM-M108S," the audio monitor with a built-in 8ch LED bar meter, is not compatible with 3G-SDI input. All peaks, VU levels, and down mix levels for 8ch can be checked, and SDI input and output (1 system), AES input and output (4 systems *optional), line output (1 system), demultiplexer output (4 systems), headphones, and speakers are built-in. Normal level switching (-18/-20 dBFS), down mix features, and error indicators are available.

●PC Loudness Ver.02 New
A loudness measurement application for PCs, compatible with reading the BWF-J format and correction to the target loudness value. As it also features a graphical display of the integrated loudness values, is compatible with dual monaural and dual stereo audio modes, and can graphically display sound levels in a time series by dragging and dropping audio files, it is also optimal for audio material for radio broadcasts.
Functionality has been enhanced through BWF-J format compatibility, the addition of audio file level correction features, graphical displays of integrated loudness levels, and audio mode (dual monaural, dual stereo) compatibility,

●YLM-Utility (New product)
Utility software for loudness meters. By connecting a PC that has this software installed to a loudness meter using the special cable, loudness meter settings and various loudness values can be obtained and displayed graphically and integrated loudness calculation regulation (Start/Pause, Reset) and log output (CSV format) is possible through a PC screen. We plan to allow free downloads through our website.

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