[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Ishikawa Trunk Exhibited Shipping Cases for 2U, 3U, and M size Trunks Compatible with 80kg of Load

2016.11.25 UP


Targeting users who feel that, "trunk cases have too many specifications, and corrugated plastic does not have enough strength," Ishikawa Trunk exhibited the HANI-PURA Series and the TORA-PURA Series.

Despite having a similar form as normal corrugated plastic, by changing the material, load capacity has been increased, allowing for luggage of up to roughly 80kg to be carries. A special feature has been implemented so that the shape does not collapse when stacked. Currently there are 3 types offered, which are the 2U and 3U sizes compatible with 19-inches and the M box compatible with standard M size trunks. The prices are greatly reduced compared to normal trunks.

[Ishikawa Trunk]

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