【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 Hoei Sangyo displays a KVM system from German company IHSE, demonstrating impressive response speed, and mouse horizontal-scrolling capability

2013.11.13 UP

KVM system from German company IHSE

Hoei Sangyo (booth: 8135) displayed a KVM system (keyboard and mouse extender) from German company IHSE, which specializes in KVM systems. The company has an impressive track record that includes adoption by major US broadcasters and Hollywood film producers. In the exhibition hall, the system was demonstrated with a setup consisting of two PCs, each with two systems of DVI signals outputted to four monitors. Switching was said to be remarkably rapid — so much so that, in operating the system, there was no sense that an extender was being used. In addition, horizontal scrolling, which normally becomes problematic when using a mouse extender, is supported in IHSE's KVM system.
Hoei Sangyo also displayed and demonstrated products from other companies including 'Baselight' and On-set 'FLIP' from FilmLight Ltd, the company whose 4K color-grading products have been making waves; the 'VEGA' 4K-compatible router (all of whose ports can be independently set up as an input or an output) and the 'Archangel' real-time restoration system from Snell, a UK company which has been supplying the broadcast industry for over 30 years; and the 'Proxsys Series' from VITEC, which responds to a wide range of archiving requirements.