【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Sony exhibit features 4K/HD production equipment, HDR production, and a range of concepts including IP-based live filming solutions

2015.11.19 UP

The new HDC-4300, capable of HDR and 4K live filming

Sony held an exhibit based on their "Beyond Definition" theme. The presentation centered around the dual focal points of 4K/HD production equipment, and the company's line of file-based HD devices.
In the section of the exhibit introducing a product range compatible with expressiveness-boosting HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, as well as an HDR workflow, Sony held an HDR production-themed demonstration featuring its HDC-4300 camera platform and BVX-300 Master Monitor. In another corner of the booth, observers could view a comparison of HDR and Standard Dynamic Range video. The HDC-4300, which was unveiled at this year's NAB Show, is newly capable of 4K live filming and HDR, and allows for filming at 8x slow-motion in HD.
At the section for Sony live production products, the company demonstrated its latest Live Production System. This system relies on the Networked Media Interface, designed with the studio and OB van in mind. This system proposes a new type of solution, in which the entire production system functions across a centralized network using IP. Conventional live systems have required four SDI coaxial cables, while Sony's new system can be implemented using a single networking cable.
The camera corner played host to an abundant lineup of large-sensor models, including the new PXW-FS5. A demonstration in which the PXW-FS5 was mounted on a drone underlined the camera's compactness, light weight, and impressive usability.