[Inter BEE 2016 TV] S.C.Alliance Exhibited the Wireless Model of its New Product, "Green-GO," a Digital Intercom/Cue Light System

2016.11.24 UP

digigram IQOYA LINK LE
Green-GO Wireless Intercam

Green-GO Wireless Intercam

At Inter BEE 2016, S.C.Alliance exhibited the wireless model of "Green-GO," a digital intercom/cue light system, and "IQOYA LINK/LE," a transmission audio IP codec, for the first time. Also, new products, such as "Omnia SST," a FM broadcast audio processing software, were demonstrated.

This was the first exhibition in Japan of the wireless belt pack of "Green-GO," a digital intercom/cue light system, "IOQUYA LINK," Digigram's IP codec, and "IQOYA LINK/LE," the low-cost version of the IP codec.

"Green-GO" enables wide ranging digital communication by simply connecting a minimum of 2 belt packs to the network. By adding a PoE wireless antenna to this system, the adaptable wireless Green-GO system can be added to an existing wired Green-GO system. As it utilizes DECT wireless technology, 1 PoE antenna can support a maximum of 4 wireless belt packs.

"IQOYA LINK/LE" is an audio IP codec developed for transmission for relay stations and between studios and transmitting stations. Compared to the normal IQOYA LINK, the front panel display has been removed, and the GPIO count has been reduced by half to 4 systems.

Additionally, the following products were exhibited.
○ RF EXPLORER small spectrum analyzer 3G/6G Combo
○ "Fusion" and "iQ," Livewire+/AES67 compliant IP audio network consoles from AXIA (United States)
○ DAD system (total broadcast system and automatic program broadcast device for radio) from ENCO (United States)
○ Time code and clock related products from ESE (United States)
○ "LX-24," IP radio console from Wheatstone (Unites States)
○ "635," optimal FM site streamer for FM broadcast station monitoring, and FM/AM broadcast monitor tuners from Inovonics (United States)
○ D-Mitri digital audio platform from Meyer Sound (United States)
○ "TiMax SoundHub2," a digital matrix mixer used for live shows, theaters, and theme parks, and a sound localization system using "TiMaxTracker," a radar tracking system utilizing Ultra Wide Band transmission from Out Board (United Kingdom)
○ Digital STL transfer device (160MHz), GPS synchronized transmission device, new standard spurious compliant filter

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