【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 Soliton Systems exhibit HD live video transmission solution 'Smart-telecaster HD' and demonstrate new simultaneous file recording function

2013.11.14 UP

Smart-telecaster HD

Soliton Systems (booth: 6109) is displaying its HD live video transmission solution 'Smart-telecaster HD' and giving demonstrations of its performance. It transmits high–quality video of HD caliber in real time. It has been optimized for mobile environments where communications protocol is constantly changing, and can smoothly transmit video over public channels like FOMA, Xi, and WiMAX.
There are two models: Type I, which supports HDMI video input, and Type II, which supports HD-SDI input; Type II allows you to use a V–mount battery, making it suitable for use when broadcasting on–site.
The unit takes HD resolution (1920x1080) video input via HDMI or HD-SDI. From input to output, all processing is done digitally, producing a high–quality mobile video stream.
While maintaining a high–quality picture, it produces a short–delay transmission. Because the delay is so short, sound overlay is possible in real time.
Thanks to technology from independent developer RASCOW (Real–time Auto Speed Control based on Waterway model), a smooth, continual broadcast is possible even in fluctuating environments.
As a newly added function, the user can save files while broadcasting live. The new skip–back function allows for minimal editing of the video in essential spots before transmitting it over a mobile network. Editing can be done with programs such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.