【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 Daikin Industries demonstrate their video editing and effects system 'Smoke' and their node-based texture tool 'Genetica', and more

2013.11.14 UP

Smoke video editing and effects system

 Daikin Industries (booth: 5308) is a solutions provider, with a focus on CG. In the booth, they will be demonstrating 'Autodesk Smoke', a reasonably priced, advanced image editing and effects software.
 Daikin will be presenting Smoke as a tool for use at many stages of the video production process. They will also be showcasing 'Autodesk Creation Suite', an industry-wide, standard 3DCG production tool, as well as the groundbreaking node-based texture tool 'Genetica'. 'Aspera', a program for the accelerated transfer of files between clients and locations, will also be on display. Constant presentations will be conducted on stage in the Daikin booth.
 Autodesk Smoke for Mac is a Mac-compatible professional video editing software that integrates video editing and powerful high-end effects. Smoke enables the user to freely apply node-based compositing, color correction, 3D relighting, and effects in a traditional timeline workflow.
 Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite is a creativity environment that integrates products by Autodesk (Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, MotionBuilder), the industry wide standard in 3DCG production software. All of these will be on view in a single stop at the Daikin booth. An integrated UI allows the user to efficiently create 3DCG while migrating among several different applications with a single click.
 Genetica is a software that enables the creation of image textures through node-based combinations from thousands of presets. Genetica can also create effects maps, HDRI environment maps, normal maps, and animated textures.
 Daikin will also be exhibiting the Aspera high-speed file transfer system, the 3D data generation application, Autodesk ReCap Photo, and more.