[Inter BEE 2014] Hoei Sangyo: Spotlighting the creative production environment with the Baselight One 4K color grading system and the Draco line of digital KVM switches.

2014.11.7 UP

Baselight-One 4K color grading system by FilmLight Inc.

Baselight-One 4K color grading system by FilmLight Inc.

Hoei Sangyo will exhibit at Inter BEE 2014 to be held from November 19th (Wed.) to 21st (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. It is a trade show for audio, video, and communication professionals. Hoei will have a booth in both the Video and Broadcast Equipment section and Professional Audio Equipment section. Hoei Sangyo is joining the Professional Audio Equipment section for the first time this year.
Hoei Sangyo's Takeya Shiga stated, "Last year, we only had a booth in the Video and Broadcast Equipment section. But since we prefer to have our professional audio equipment seen in the Professional Audio Equipment section, we will also put up a booth in the Professional Audio Equipment section this year."

■ Efficient booth layout using KVM switches
Hoei Sangyo's Video and Broadcast Equipment booth will show the Draco Tera Compact 480 series of HD-KVM switches from German company IHSE. Ever since it was unveiled last year, the series have been well received. This year, it will be demonstrated in both their Video and Broadcast Equipment booth and Professional Audio Equipment booth.
The Draco Tera Compact 480 Series are CATx port-dedicated HD-KVM switches sized to support 80, 64, 48, 32, 16, or 8 ports. With the built-in cable equalizer, the CATx cable can be extended up to 140 m. It supports 24-bit color and Full HD 1920 × 1200 resolution. It is compatible with Display Port, HDMI, DVI-D, DVI-I, USB HID, and USB 2.0.
It uses high-quality video compression technology and an original protocol instead of IP for transmissions. When you use the mouse to move the pointer, there is absolutely no time lag in response. It does not feel like you are using it remotely.
This series is used by broadcasters and in post-production environments where the workplace and machine room are set apart. It can be extended up to 280 m by connecting another same-model KVM switch where each switch enables 140 m. Depending on the extension length and resolution, you can also opt for a fiber cable connection. CATx cable enables 140 m, multi-mode fiber can extend to 1 km, and single-mode fiber provides a maximum of 10 km.
Mr. Shiga relates, "Even with MA, there are operations that use multiple Pro Tools workstations. That's when fast KVM switching is required. We also see two people using a single Pro Tools workstation. The KVM response becomes very important."
At the Video and Broadcast Equipment booth, the KVM switch will be used to the fullest. The KVM switch will be on a rack, while the demonstration space will only have a keyboard and monitor. The booth itself will thus be a showcase for IHSE's KVM switch. The number of connected terminals will likely exceed 40.

■ Baselight (high-end color grading tool) plug-in for AVID
Hoei Sangyo's Video and Broadcast Equipment booth will also demo a workflow integrating FilmLight's Baselight plug-in for AVID and AVID products.
The booth will also show the new Harding HFPA-Edisis FX from Cambridge Research Systems just released in October. This is a plug-in for AVID's Media Composer and Symphony. It uses the same algorithms as previous versions. By installing it in the editing equipment, excessive flash or patterns deviating from the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association guidelines can be identified during the production stage.

■ In the Professional Audio Equipment section, Genesys Black to be shown for the first time in Japan
Hoei Sangyo's very first booth in the Professional Audio Equipment section will give the Japanese public its first look at AMS NEVE's Genesys Black, a totally integrated DAW console. It retains the usual NEVE style and operation ease and the high-quality analog circuit design that made the original Genesys popular, and will continue its popularity afforded by high console functionality and compactness. Now Genesys Black adds touch-panel functions and a keyboard. Compatible with digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools and Nuendo.

■ Video and Broadcast Equipment (Booth 5615) featured products
[Color grading workflows]
FilmLight's Baselight One 4K color grading system
FilmLight's Baselight plug-in for Avid
[Digital KVM switches]
IHSE's Draco series digital KVM switches
[Flash pattern analyzer]
Cambridge Research Systems' file-based dedicated HFPA-X flash and pattern analyzer
Cambridge Research Systems' Edisis-FX plugin for Avid Media Composer
VITEC's ProxSysPA digital asset management
Quantel/Snell's Vega 4K freely assignable router
Cobalt Digital converters

■ Professional Audio (Booth 1509) featured products
[Console outboard]
AMS NEVE's Genesys Black DAW total integration console, AMS NEVE's 1073DPD, 1073 Classic, and 1084 Classic microphone preamplifiers
[Digital KVM switch]
IHSE's Draco Series digital KVM switches

[Hoei Sangyo]
Headquarters: 1-2-8 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 103-0023
URL: http: //www.hoei.co.jp
Video and Broadcast Equipment, Hall 5, Booth 5615
Professional Audio Equipment, Hall 1, Booth 1509