Inter BEE 2015 TV - Cosmic Engineering introduces total renewal of embedded audio & CG products

2015.11.19 UP

SP-M1 twin




The Cosmic Engineering Inter BEE 2015 booth (Video and Broadcast Equipment, Booth 5213) showcased a variety of audio monitors and loudness meters. The company debuted total 3G upgrades and a variety of enhanced display features for its SP Series, which has a proven track record as a standard in the broadcasting industry. They also introduced various products to meet a wide range of needs, including LCD VU multimeters and loudness meters with movement and display surpassing that of even true VU meters.

●Audio Monitors
 Standard SP-101, SP-102, SP-103
 Premium SP0PM1, SP-PM1 twin
 VM Model SP-VM1, SP-VM2
●VU Multimeters
 VUM2, VUM2dmux, VUM2 Premium
●Loudness Meters
 LDN-M31, LoM11, LoM12

 CE also demonstrated the CoCo 3D high powered, low-priced telopper, as well as D.O.T (sold by Totsu International), the successor model to post production character generator DEKO.