【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Panasonic proposes "End-to-End Solutions" emphasizing a 4K World

2013.11.14 UP

AVC LongG Cloud Workflow

 The Panasonic Group (Panasonic, Panasonic System Networks) (booth 5418) entered the show this year with the concept of "ULTRA SPEED & QUALITY - Panasonic broadcast solutions for the future." At their booth they displayed "End-to-End Solutions" for a 4K world that could only come from Panasonic, such as their new 2M/E switcher "AV-HS6000", as well as cloud workflow and archive services. They introduced many solutions aimed at improving efficiency in the broadcast industry, such as a networked high speed/high efficiency work-flow, and improvements to their professional archive systems.

 The new 2M/E live switcher was on display in usable form for the first time ever, as the core product of a broadcast office studio subsystem. Panasonic also showed signs of what is to come, unveiling a next generation large scale switcher, due out in winter of next year.

 In terms of 4K initiatives, they demonstrated numerous solutions under the banner of "Panasonic 4K World."

 Additionally, they introduced the new RAMSA 1.2 GHz-band A-type digital wireless mic system, as well as their move to all LED lighting, including LED spotlights for studio lighting and LED color horizontal lights.