News: Spectee showcases at Inter BEE an innovative type of accelerated reporting service using social networks, offering real-time information delivery based on image and language analysis through artificial intelligence.

2016.11.11 UP

President Murakami and the social network-based Newsdeck media service

President Murakami and the social network-based Newsdeck media service

Spectee will be demonstrating its social network-based Newsdeck media service at the Inter BEE exhibition, held at Makuhari Messe for three days from November 16th (Wed) to 18th (Fri).
 Newsdeck gathers information based on videos and photos posted on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, combining it with weather or earthquake data to make a real-time analysis of what happened, when and where, before dispatching the information as news.

 Spectee CEO Kenjiro Murakami explains about Newsdeck's features:
 "Newsdeck uses artificial intelligence to automatically find all the necessary information. By analyzing big data, it can find captions and videos from out in the field straight away. Newsdeck picks up important news from social network sites. It performs video analysis and natural language analysis, and it also detects any text that has been written about the information obtained from the video analysis. It then uses all this information to automatically generate a much more detailed news report. Both analysis technologies have been patented."
 "The service provides chat functionality, so it can analyze the hot topics that are being talked about at one, five, and ten minute intervals. In addition, if a user configures its Peak Settings, the service can send a message to a registered e-mail address to notify the user straight away when anything important happens." (Murakami)
 Newsdeck's natural language analysis currently supports Japanese and English, and the company is currently making great efforts to introduce the product in overseas markets. Spectee is also currently considering adding support for more languages.
 The service has only just been released in April of this year, but it has already started being used by a variety of press institutions.
 Newsdeck will be demonstrated this year at the company's first ever Inter BEE exhibition. During the event, the company plans to announce major updates to Newsdeck’s functionality. Rather than simply showing information in chronological order, users will be able to configure keywords beforehand, enabling the service to create customized top-news pages for the user.

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