Inter BEE 2016 TV: IBM Japan demonstrates latest storage technology adaptable to 4K 8K workflow. Achieves 512TB, 12GB/s on original 3U flash storage.

2016.11.16 UP

Demonstration of IBM Cloud Object Storage
Exhibition of internal structure of IBM DeepFlash 150

Exhibition of internal structure of IBM DeepFlash 150

Internal drive operation is visible also for IBM TS1150

Internal drive operation is visible also for IBM TS1150

IBM Japan is opening an exhibition at the Inter BEE 2016 held at Makuhari Messe for three days from November 16 (Wednesday) to 18 (Friday), and is exhibiting the enterprise tape drive "IBM TS 1150", all-flash storage "IBM DeepFlash 150", "IBM Cloud Object Storage" and others.

"IBM TS 1150" consists of tape technology. It is the fastest enterprise tape in the world with the largest capacity, with 10TB and an uncompressed transfer rate of 360 MB/s (2.88 Gbps), capable of 8K real time recording. With this, even a 4K DPX 10bit 60p 1 hour scale file (7TB) can be stored. At the booth, we are conducting demonstration in a way that the inside of the tape drive is visible. The engineer in charge of its development is explaining the internal structure.

"IBM Deep Flash 150" is a flash technology that streamlines the editing of 4K 8K video. The 3U housing realizes a maximum storage capacity of 512 TB, and achieves a maximum of 12 GB/s of data read. It uses all-flash technology different from SSD. At the booth, we are exhibiting it in a way that the internal structure is visible, so you can observe the internal operating situation.

"Cloud Object Storage" is a cloud technology based on object storage with high capacity and high security storage. Conventional RAID technology is unnecessary; large date can be scaled out in small physical capacity.
At the booth, we are conducting a demonstration of incorporating the technology in a production workflow. Using a JVC Kenwood camera, we have established a workflow to be received at "Media Concierge", a media asset management developed by FOR-A, a company active in IBM's Blue Mix Infrastructure. We are conducting a demonstration to backup the Media Concierge's video data to IBM's Object Cloud Storage.
This time we are using KDDI's cloud service for this object storage and you can see how the backup data is deployed to the storage on the cloud.

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