Inter BEE 2016 TV: Keisoku Giken shows 8K noncompressed/ProRes codec editable video server and new video processing technology

2016.11.17 UP

UDR-XK40 8K dual green compatible noncompressed video server
KRS-8K ProRes8K recording system

KRS-8K ProRes8K recording system

Breakthrough CS Series media processor

Breakthrough CS Series media processor

 At the three-day Inter BEE 2016 exhibition held 11/1611/18 at Makuhari Messe, Keisoku Giken presented a combination of products by OA Lab, Crescent, and Newtech, with a focus on 8K/4K. They demonstrated a variety of solutions combining technologies and products from each company.

 The KRS-8K ProRes8K recording system performs recording and playback at 8K (7680x4320) @59.94Hz using a ProRes codec. Keisoku synchronized four Ki Pro Ultra units from U.S. company AJA Video Systems to work as a single video recorder, creating an exceptionally cost-efficient 8K recorder. More than just a playback recorder, the system is capable of content editing, on-air video backup, and much more. ProRes converts edited video into files. The system is also HD and 4K multi-channel compatible, and can be used with existing HD and 4K video sources. A front-facing control unit button perform basic operations (PLAY, REC, STOP, FF/REW, slow motion).

 The UDR-XL40 8K dual green noncompressed video server is a server for the next generation, with 8K dual green 4K3D recording and playback capabilities in one machine. Synchronized operation of two machines enables complete 8K compatibility.
 The company also demonstrated their breakthrough CS Series media processor, a video control system capable of video and audio, as well as linking to external devices through MIDI, DMX, and serial ports. With resolution ranging from 2K to 8K, the system can service a wide variety of media. For a technological demonstration, Keisoku showcased the CS 400 Series media processor with up to 4K compatibility, and two CS 800 units with 8K capabilities. Their booth also displayed a 4K/120P video on a 147-inch screen using SONY’s VPL-GTZ280 data projector.

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