[Inter BEE 2013] M&I Network exhibits VP-633/VP-634 pocket-sized SDI repeaters—Power supply function also provided

2013.11.13 UP

SDI Repeater VP-633
SDI Repeater VP-634

SDI Repeater VP-634

The Datavideo VP-633/VP-634 SDI repeaters exhibited by M&I Network feature a compact design that saves on storage space. They allow you to carry around two or three units in your pockets. In addition to the HD/SD-SDI repeater functions, it uses a coaxial cable together with SDI signal transmission with a range of over 100 meters to transmit with no signal degradation.
The VP-633 has HD/SD-SDI signal repeater functions, and also features a power adapter function that allows the power source to be shared by up to three VP-634 units. For power supply sharing, up to three VP-634 units are connected to a VP-633 unit to share the power source. The VP-634 also comes with a DC power supply with automatic terminals.