The color system "IS-100" and "IS-100 mini" used in the shooting of the movie No Otoko (Brain Man): Equipped with multiple monitors and a camera matching function

2012.12.11 UP

FUJIFILM Corporation PHOTO IMAGING PRODUCTS DIV. exhibited the ""IS-100"" and ""IS-100 mini"" which are color control systems for digital video shooting locations. The ""IS-100"" was a reference exhibit.

The ""IS-100"" is a system that matches the shooting location monitor and the post-production monitor color control. The ""IS-100 mini"" has the functions of ""monitor matching"" of multiple monitors used in shooting locations and ""camera matching"" of multiple cameras at the time of multi-camera shooting.

The ""IS-100"" has already been used in the shooting locations of the violent mystery movie No Otoko (Brain Man) (Distributor: Toho, Director: Tomoyuki Takimoto, Starring: Toma Ikuta) that is scheduled for release on February 9, 2013. At the event, there was a panel display of the workflow in No Otoko.

■ The ""IS-100"" that allows the color adjustment of digital video in shooting locations using an iPad

The ""IS-100"" is a color control system developed based on the color reproduction and color management technology of FUJIFILM that has been built up in the fields of movies, photographs and printing. This is the first digital video shooting system that the firm has worked on. This system conforms to the ""ACES Standards"" concerning color management formulated in the U.S. by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The greatest feature of this product is that it is possible to accurately display on monitors in shooting locations the color projected on theater screens. Operations can be carried out from an iPad with the dedicated application. It is possible to easily adjust the color, saturation, contrast and more of movies with intuitive operations via a touch panel. Moreover, color coordination data can also be recorded and extracted, so it is possible to take advantage of this in the post-production process. Color correction work in post-production can also be reduced which leads to improved accuracy of the color adjustment.

It is also possible to project color coordinated video on multiple monitors if there is a connection by a ""ISO-100"" and LAN cable using the ""IS-100 mini"" ‘tentative name"" that was given a reference exhibition.

At the shooting locations of the movie No Otoko, the ""IS-100"" and ""IS-100 mini"" was actually used. In the booth, the color control system at that time was reproduced with a viewing of a demo movie on one 17-inch monitor and two 25-inch monitors. There was a display that showed it is possible to carry out adjustments in real time to the color balance, saturation, brightness, color temperature and more with operations from an iPad.