【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Explorer/PALTEK 8K/4K video processing board "Image CUBE" on display. 8K composite and 4K to 8K upconvert option.

2015.11.19 UP

H.264 IP storage/transmission unit
Image CUBE 8K-4K video processing board

Image CUBE 8K-4K video processing board

Explorer/PALTEK will display their 8K/4K video processing board "Image CUBE" at their booth (ICT/crossmedia specialty, hall 6, 6203)
"Image CUBE" is an image processing unit compatible with high-resolution 8K image sizes, 8K image composites, and 4K to 8K upconversion. This item is constructed with a 72 port FPGA high speed serial transceiver main board and physical interface sub-board.
By combining these boards, a multitude of image types can be interfaced with and processed. There will be demonstrations at the booth showing 4K images being combined into telop images and 4K images being upconverted into 8K images.
Triggered by earthquakes, sudden reports, and other natural disaster emergency information, images can be acquired from before and after a disaster. Image data is stored to an encoder by the mutisession-enabled H.264 IP storage/transmission data camera upon recording.
Furthermore, partitioned transmissions can be implemented and short-time streaming replay can be done without waiting for the data transmission to finish thanks to the multisession transmission function being unaffected by the condition of the circuits. This allows for the immediate capture of important images during times of natural disaster.
Multisession transmission and image transmission triggered by time information telegraphing will be performed at this exhibit.
What's more, there will be other demonstrations including a real-time image demo using the brand new codec specification H.265/HEVC as well as an H.264 mini live relay demo.