[InterBEE2014] Technonet Exhibits PowerPoint Compatible Large-Scale Stadium Display System, OA Compatible Twitter-Connected System, 4K Encoder & More

2014.11.11 UP

New 3D sports coder - VFEX-R <HD-M1>

New 3D sports coder - VFEX-R

Next-generation network-enabled tablet prompter- TPS Network (Illustration)

Next-generation network-enabled tablet prompter- TPS Network (Illustration)

easy Score Vision - Large-scale stadium display system diagram

easy Score Vision - Large-scale stadium display system diagram

VFEX series compatible Twitter-Connect OA System diagram

VFEX series compatible Twitter-Connect OA System diagram

 Technonet will be exhibiting at InterBEE 2014 (Chiba, Makuhari Messe) from November 19 (Wed) to 21 (Fri). The Technonet booth (#5308) will display new products including the VFEX-R , a 3D compatible sports coder for live sports events that was released this July and Tablet Prompter System (Network Version), a next-generation, Windows 8.1 compatible tablet-based prompter that can synchronize hand-written data across multiple devices. Sample exhibits include the PowerPoint compatible large-scale stadium display system Easy Score Vision and the VFEX compatible Twitter-Connect OA System.

 The 50th anniversary event "Part Two: Anniversary Live Party" on November 20 (Thurs) will be streaming live with technical cooperation from Technonet.

■ Showing New 3D Sports Coder "VFEX-R "
 VREX-R , the 3D sports coder for live sports events which was unveiled at last year's InterBEE and went on sale July is the newest addition to the VFEX series. It is Windows 7 64-bit compatible and comes equipped with two large volume SSDs (one of which is dedicated to video), the latest CPU, USB 3.0 and a 3D graphics card. Two output signals are HD-SDI video and HD-SDI Key, with one reference signal. It comes bundled with six fonts licensed for broadcasting.

■ First Showing of Network Compatible Next-Generation Tablet Prompter "TPS Network"
 The next-generation tablet prompter TPS (Tablet Prompter System) Network is the latest addition to the sketchable tablet TPS series that was developed in collaboration with NHK and announced at last year's InterBEE. The key characteristic of the TPS Network is its ability to quickly synchronize hand-written information across all tablets within a network. Further, it is able to directly read documents created in Microsoft Word meaning that drafts can continue to be revised right up until official document release. Masashi Nakatani of Technonet Solutions 2 explained that connecting the server PC with tablets via wireless LAN enables display of note-taking to multiple tablets in real time.

■ Easy Score Vision - PowerPoint Based Large-Scale Display System for Stadiums (Sample Exhibit)
 This system leverages Technonet's experience and know-how in sports broadcasting of baseball, soccer, rugby and American football without restricting itself to the existing formats, and is a large-scale vision solution for stadium display specifically designed for layouts created in PowerPoint. PowerPoint allows for flexibilty in adding design elements, character size, color, decoration and display effects to the traditionally staid scoreboard. According to Masashi Nakatani, this compact system with HDMI outputs combines PowerPoint's diversity of effects with a sports coder for an extremely expressive display. Technonet says the booth will be set up with monitor output to allow for true to life experience of the system.

■ VFEX Series Compatible "Twitter-Connect OA System"
 A sample exhibit of the Twitter-Connect OA System that displays on-screen from the VFEX-R or VFEX-ES Tweets that are being sent to the program. This system can be used to easily display Tweets during the broadcast by setting hashtags then selecting Tweets for display from Tweets sent, making paragraph adjustments, etc. With additional features such as keyword search and registration of unwanted keywords this system can be fully operated by one person. Further, the system can work without an operator just by running the OA software on the VFEX. It is also possible to run the Tweet selection software and Twitter reception software on separate computers or on the VFEX.

 Technonet will also be ofering full service solutions from video production to distribution, including the VFEX entry-level model VFEX-ES, a demonstration of a new service solution for real time production and distribution of live video clips, and Zixi, which is a new product from Technonet affiliate Digital Processing Systems Japan. Further, its 4K encoder will be on display at the venue for the 30th Anniversary NHK Media Technology Exhibition MT+1 (Plus One) which is being held at Convention Hall A, and Technonet will be sending actual subtitle/captions to the event as a demonstration.

■ Products for Exhibit

・Windows7 64-bit Compatible 3D Sports Coder for Live Events -"VFEX-R"
・Live Sports Event Sports Coder VFEX 2D Entry-Level Model "VFEX-ES"

・Handwriting-Ready Next-Generation Tablet Prompter Developed in Collaboration with NHK "TPS Network"

・"Easy Score Vision" PowerPoint Based Large-Scale Stadium Display System
・ VFEX Series Compatible "Twitter-Connect OA System"

Location: 4-7-17 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0011
Video & Broadcasting Equipment/Hall 5/5308