[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Star Communications Portable Video Transmission system, TVU ONE efficiently uses up to ten wireless ports to transmit high quality video real time.

2015.11.27 UP

Wireless portable Video Transmission System TVU ONE

Star Communications presents our wireless portable Video Transmission System TVU ONE. You can broadcast news and events simply, anytime and anywhere. View dynamically using the unique "Inverse StatMux" software, and transmit high quality footage real time through the signal strength of its up to 10 wireless lines. By dynamically and effectively transmitting via multiple lines, 3G/ LTE/ 4G/ Wi-Fi/ WiMax/ BGAN, etc., it stays connected and transmits high quality video.
 Ustream is also compatible with Niconico Live, Youtube Live and other internet video distribution services.
 On September 7, we announced a rental plan for a USB dongle data transmission card that uses multiple communication line for mobile video distribution; and began our simple broadcast support pack service. It saves you the trouble of creating multiple contracts as multiple data cards can be used at once using regular carrier contracts. Because it is pay as you go, short term use is also possible.
 The standard set of six data transmission cards (three Docomo cards, two au cards, one Softbank card) is 60,000 yen for three days, and 90,000 yen for seven days. Up to 6GB can be used on each card, if you plan on using over 6GB, a separate fee will be included.
 At the same time, two V mount batteries (with charger included) can be rented for three days for 10,000 yen and for seven days for 15,000 yen.
 Other than communication carriers, it is also compatible with Ymobile and WiMax.