[Inter BEE 2016 TV] NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories Demonstrated the "Real Time 3D Ball Tracking System," to be Utilized for Clear Expressions during Ball Sports Programming

2016.11.25 UP

"Real Time 3D Ball Tracking System"

At the INTER BEE IGNITION booth at Inter BEE 2016, the NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (Three-dimensional Imaging Department), demonstrated sports graphics technology. By calculating the three-dimensional location of the ball in real time, using analysis of video filmed using 3 pan/tilt cameras, a computer generated synthetic image of the ball is accurately placed over the location of the ball in the video. Here, the trajectory of the ball is displayed, and speed information is calculated, presumed for use in replays during competitions.
In the booth, using 3 cameras that pan and tilt, 3 balls with different movements are filmed, and from the filmed video, the shape, location, color, and movement of the balls were confirmed, and a demonstration of the computer generated ball graphics being laid over the balls in real time was performed.
On top of each ball filmed in the video, a computer generated ball graphic of a different color was laid. In addition to computer generated graphics being placed in real time over the balls with different movements, the trajectories of the balls were displayed in 3D computer graphics.
Because all 3 of the cameras are used to both film video and calculate location information, even if 1 camera cannot see the ball at a certain time, accurate location information can be calculated.
Using this technology, during ball sports programming, the location of the ball can be tracked in real time, and the trajectory of the ball can be drawn with computer graphics while playing back a replay of a goal, enabling live analysis.
By applying this technology to multiple perspective video systems, they are aiming to build a system that appealingly and clearly expresses scenes of sporting events.

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